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Thread: Going through Low-Carb-Flu, help me make sense of a few things?

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    Going through Low-Carb-Flu, help me make sense of a few things?

    Hiya, first post here. Currently enjoying what the locals seem to call "low-carb flu", which will account for my amazing eloquence/lack there of. You can skip to the listed numbers if you'd like but my background information is directly below (I type fast, which leads to typing a lot)

    I work at a bookshop and I finished reading the core Primal Blueprint book a few weeks ago. Somewhat-Quick background...

    Basic profile: 23 year old, poor, fiscally responsible college student, taking too many units and working five days a week living in the SanFrancisco Bay Area. No car.
    Fitness background: 5'11, skinny without trying. Got into parkour at 19 with a (then) parkour alined diet (whole wheat stuff, protein, fruits, vegies, ect) Did P90x and have followed a similar diet to phase 2-3 since. Got into rock climbing a year ago. Three months ago got into strength training and size building for fun with a buddy (I enjoy experimenting with diets, exercise programs, ect), was consuming +3000

    So I'm a very active individual, I feel fine and healthy but I'm always looking to take health to the next level. I like the concept of Primal/Paleo a lot (especially since most of my sports and exercising are outdoor based) I'm getting back into heavy parkour and I rock climb quite often.

    I'm going to try this out for a month. I've already been adding a lot in fruit and some vegetables and cutting whole wheat a lot (no pasta, replacing oat boxed cereal with just oatmeal, half the bread I normally eat) It's been enough to put me in a funk, make me foggy brained and unbalanced, actually got a full on cold on Tuesday that I'm just today recovered from. I've done a lot of reading in the last few weeks, though with a foggy brain so I've got a fair background but it's hard to absorb everything when I'm far from peak brain function.
    Here's the list as far as I can gather.
    1) Fruits in moderation? A lot of people who are on primal make it clear that they are keeping fruit low. Fruit is in a category with dairy. Why? Is it supposed to be bad for you? Would Grok really pass up a bush full of berries and only eat a handful? It makes me sad because I love all of the fruits, which leads me to the next one...

    2) I hate carrots, cauliflower and corn. Can't stand them. I'm cool with bellpeppers, love spinich and tomatoes (is the word out on whether that's a vegie or a fruit?), fine with kale... I've never been a huge vegetable eater and I like to focus on the mightiest of the vegetables when I do. I'm upping the amount of servings that I'm getting but the idea of eating mixing bowls full of vegetables every day... for one I don't have time, for two, while I am capable of enjoying vegies I'm not going to enjoy eating that many multiple times a day.

    3) While I'm transitioning, how do I avoid losing muscle? I've taken my body fat % low from the last two weeks but I don't want the muscle going away either. Normally I'd be getting a lot from milk, protein shakes, 3 egg omelets and all kinds of other things... now I'm down to a 3 egg omelet, a solid chicken breast, a hearty sausage... but at the most generous that's 65 grams of protein. According to this website and what I was doing before I need to double that. Without the protein shake I'm waking up stiff, my muscles ache where they never were before and I'm noticing a difference. Suggestions? And am I going to be capable of gaining muscle with my rigorous parkour, rock climbing and all around running about having fun? Don't care much about looks but I do like being able to do more.

    4) Nuts/fats. First of all, how much when it comes to fats? I enjoy every recommended fat source listed but under the concept of "Get all of your energy from fat", how much does that mean? Is a tablespoon a significant amount or should I be trying to eat a bowel of avocados and drink a cup of olive oil every day? And are macadamia nuts really the only good ones? I can't find them anywhere (I wish almonds weren't so pricey...)

    And lastly...
    5) Organic. Grassfed. I live in the Bay Area but it's not going to happen. I'll get it when I can, but I don't have the time, and without a car, the access. I can get my fruits and veggies through farmers markets but Safeway is my only consistent food source. I know that all the terrible poisons are going to kill me, that the acidic man killing fumes from my non-organic vegetables are melting me from the inside out, and that my chicken is not worth eating if it did not have a name, a family and a listed pedigree but the fact of the matter is I feel great on bread, better doing grocery store Primal and to me being able to eat a lot that's not grassfed is going to beat eating very little that is. Starving myself for quality sounds like a terrible idea, correct me if I'm wrong.
    You guys must get the "starving college kid" all the time, but I'm a straight A student on the path to a PhD who supports himself in this expensive area. I'm not starving and I don't want to be starving, and I'm also fiscally responsible with my poorness and am not interested in going into significant debt to eat organic/grassfed/silver platter food at this time (I'd love to do it when all of that schooling pays off)

    That was a lot, I apologize (foggy head, a chunk of you can sympathize I'm sure) I'm looking forward to this journey, but I'd love the pointers for really kicking it off right.
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