Dinner ruined. I picked up a frozen chicken at my farmers market a few weeks back. The farmer who I buy my eggs and bacon from told me that it was a slow cooker bird and would be best done in my crockpot. So last night I thawed it out then popped it into the crockpot this morning with a slosh of EVOO and a sprinkle of seasoning. It was in the crockpot for at least 9 hours, and whenever I've cooked chicken like this before it literally falls off the bone. Not this old bird though. It's skin was so tough I could barely get the carving knife through it, an separating the joints was near on impossible. I tried to eat a bit of leg with the skin peeled off but it was so tough and sinewy I couldn't even get my teeth through it ( I gave up trying to use a knife and fork).

We ended up eating vege for tea, which thankfully the kids were happy enough with. I've put the chook back into the crockpot with a litre of water this time and set it on low, hoping to at least get some broth from it.

So I'm wondering if I just got sold a dud bird, or did I do something wrong with my cooking method? Any suggestions?