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Thread: Need motivation to get back on track please!

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    Need motivation to get back on track please!

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    I had surgery over 6 weeks ago on my leg and I obviously have been very very sedentary, compared to when I worked out/walked almost everywhere all day long. I know I have gained weight, am too afraid to weigh myself but I can definitely tell. I have been eating paleo but have had some sweets, a few starches here and there but nothing overwhelming. I just feel like I need to get back on track after I am able to walk again, which has been slow and probably wont be able to work out for another few weeks. I am just feeling overwhelmed with the whole process of having to lose weight and manage calories for a while.

    Any tips and advice to motivate myself rather than put added stress on getting back into shape. I tend to get in my head a bit too often.

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    Just start eating more healthfully. Wallowing in self-pity, however much things suck, is not going to help. Your diet is 80% of your body composition. The exercise will help, but the majority of weight loss is going to come from what you eat or don't eat.
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