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Thread: Fish liver

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryancarter1986 View Post
    Was at a farmers market and the fishmonger was gutting the whole fish 4 some silly man who just wanted it filleted and I said I will have them. Thank u very much.

    Every whole fish should have them.
    If u have a good relationship with your fishmonger they will put them aside for you.
    Lemon / Dover sole are pretty nice too.

    Monkfish & turbot liver quite strong to the others.

    Yet to find a fishmonger at any local farmers markets, but I'll keep my eyes open thanks.

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    Jut try ur ordinary fishmonger , not just farmers market


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    Caught a skipjack tuna yesterday. Liver was OK but nowhere near as good as snapper. Also quite small for the size of fish. Beginning to think that benthic feeders have tastier livers than pelagics

    Also, I've tried searching on a number of occasions but, apart from cod liver, I can't find any information on fish liver nutrients. I presume they are rich in omega-3 oils and vitamins A & D but would like to know the numbers and also their mineral composition. Anyone have any info?
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