I need some advice.

I've been on the BP for 3 weeks. (down 15lbs)
Ive have avoided most sugars and grain based carbs....except for beer.
I have drastically cut back on beer and switched to more red wine.

Currently i am visiting my mom on the east coast who is very ill and the outlook is not positive.

Since arriving i have been drinking a lot more beer since a lot is not availible on the west coast and i'm a recovering beer geek. I understand that stress and anxiety may play a part on my stomach discomfort, but holy crap my tummy feels like crap.

I feel like i have a lump in my gut and at any time i may have diarrhea.

I've still followed the BP since being here excpet for some soup that had potatoes in it, but i picked them out.

Is it possible i have developed a gluten sensitivity so quickly?!?