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Thread: what's the best way to recover from a few days off the blueprint?

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    what's the best way to recover from a few days off the blueprint?

    I was thinking about Mark's advice about preparing for a cheat day before it happens. However, after this weekend's most decidedly non-primal living for me, it's a bit late for me to "prepare" myself for it.

    I came up with two decidedly different steategies for coping with the recovery and wanted to see what you guys thought. I could also take suggestions for other possibilities that I may have missed. I need to get back on to things right away because I feel like crap.

    Option 1: Get right to the primal eating. Don't give your body a break. Go straight into healthy primal meals to regenerate and refill depleated nutrient levels and get healthy fats to counteract increased inflammation and aid in readapting to fat burning?

    Option 2: Take a break. Your body needs to heal and recover after eating so unhealthy for a few days like you did! Time to start a fast for a few days, let your body get the rest it needs, let your pancreas take a break from producing insulin at constant full tilt. Also, let your body get adjusted to living on a more reasonable caloric intake.

    So, which option do you think is the best and will help me get back on track the most quick? Is there another strategy I could take which I haven't considered?
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