Something has been confusing me for a while now. My mother, almost 50, is eating very healthy. She does not eat pasta, rice, potatoes, any processed foods. She eats extremely little dairy and fruit. And she never eats sweets. Her dinner is always meat (a lot of fish and wild game) and veggies. I don't even know if she eats lunch, because she wakes up so late that dinner time comes along by then. She has no plan or ideology, this is just what she likes. She DOES, however, eat a couple of slices of bread for breakfast. And occasionally she juices carrots, apples etc. How can she be fat?? I mean, her fat percentage is way too high and she is truly chubby. I find it hard to believe that it's those 2 slices of bread or the occasional fruit that cause this. Or the lack of exercise? It feels almost wrong to even mention my eating plan to her, because she is already doing it, and she doesn't look all that healthy...

Thank for any ideas,