I currently have a gigantic household. All you really need to know is that I have 3 kids (3,5,8), a husband, and my my older brother and mom currently live with me.

Which leads to grocery costs. Now, my brother does pitch in for rent and food (until he moves on. Hopefully soon, but probably not till sometime next year) and who cans and does, live on top ramen and morning soda. I usually cook dinner, and admittedly, I plump up meals with pasta, rice, quinoa, etc, to make it go further.

I had to cook for a larger family suddenly: I baked loaves of bread, going from white, to wheat, to spelt, to almond, and I JUST started trying coconut flour.

Ideally, grass fed beef, organic chicken, etc would be better financially in my grasp if my mom and brother didn't live with me. But they do.

Do you buy all your meat as grass fed? What about your veggies and fruit (organic?). I feel like I buy "death" food for my family (regular cheddar, regular meat from Costco, pasta) while I try to buy better meat/raw cheese for myself and husband as we work through this primal phase.

We own 11 bantam chickens, so we are good on eggs (although the ladies haven't been producing as much)