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Thread: Primal on a budget with a big ol family?

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    Quote Originally Posted by springdragon2727 View Post
    Thanks everyone for your response....oddly enough, I thought I had it set to tell me immediately when people posted....and it never alerted me, so I didn' see any of the thread responses until NOW.

    we are considering the 1/4 cow.
    A chest freezer is a very economical way of storing bulk meat. Our family of 2 Adults, 3 children go through 1.5 cows per year (delivered in installments).

    Quote Originally Posted by springdragon2727 View Post
    Kids will not go primal right now. One barely eats as it is....his peanut butter has gone from the artificial stuff to the natural stuff, and that was a switch for him. I am in the process of hiding veggies in his food (pumpkin puree) and i know that yall shudder at oatmeal and beans, but he is eating bean and oat I consider that a success right now, because he will retch at the thought of eating meat (I think its the texture) and veggies are a joke. (this is my 5 year old). And I know that y'all freak out over Shakeology, but he gets some veggie nutrition that way and allows him to take a regular bowel movement without straining. Small steps in his case.
    Fair enough. My kids go MAD for homemade jerky (meat chewing gum). And yeah, we let the porridge and ricies slide. It's better to lose the battle and win the war.

    Regarding them not liking meat, our kids complain about meat every so often, and I think it's definitely the texture and being hard to chew. Slow cooking food to death makes for REALLY juicy and tender meat. You might find you have a different problem then (not enough meat!).

    Quote Originally Posted by springdragon2727 View Post
    My daughter chooses to eat more healthy, opting for carrot sticks and apples, and can be taught to eat primal. The youngest is built like an ox and eats everything and anything, not as much with the veggies, but he is not adverse to it.

    I am going to see how primal treats my husband and I...then we shall see about adding longevity to the program....this is all quite new to me so i am doing my research and biding my time.

    Oh, and my chickens are not putting out as many eggs. Gotta go give them the "talk".
    Yeah, we supplement our chickens with eggs from a workmate.

    Another cheapness thing is, it's much cheaper to buy whole fish than cuts of fish steaks. And yeah, for bulking out meals rice and potatoes are the best and most economical options. Just make sure they are served in high fat sauces (for satiety).
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    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

    Griff's cholesterol primer
    5,000 Cal Fat <> 5,000 Cal Carbs
    Winterbike: What I eat every day is what other people eat to treat themselves.
    TQP: I find for me that nutrition is much more important than what I do in the gym.
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