I noticed that many of you have a VERY open mind when it comes to food! I cannot believe what read that some of you are eating! LOL! More power to you! I, personally, am a very picky eater and get grossed out rather easily. I am dying to make beef bone stock/broth (have made chicken stock but am having a hard time finding a place that sells chicken bones).

During my search I read a blog where the blogger stated that during the cooking process, beef broth is pretty gross looking and doesn't smell good. Egad. (She was trying to warn us so that we didn't think something was wrong. She assured the readers that the finish product looks and tastes good

Relatively speaking would you agree with this blogger? If this is the case, I am thinking I should not even bother. (Don't even ask me to taste bone marrow! Yikes!!!

Oh, does roasting the bones first help with the disgusting image and smell?

Thank you in advance!!!