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Thread: Is beef broth really that gross?

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    Is beef broth really that gross?

    I noticed that many of you have a VERY open mind when it comes to food! I cannot believe what read that some of you are eating! LOL! More power to you! I, personally, am a very picky eater and get grossed out rather easily. I am dying to make beef bone stock/broth (have made chicken stock but am having a hard time finding a place that sells chicken bones).

    During my search I read a blog where the blogger stated that during the cooking process, beef broth is pretty gross looking and doesn't smell good. Egad. (She was trying to warn us so that we didn't think something was wrong. She assured the readers that the finish product looks and tastes good

    Relatively speaking would you agree with this blogger? If this is the case, I am thinking I should not even bother. (Don't even ask me to taste bone marrow! Yikes!!!

    Oh, does roasting the bones first help with the disgusting image and smell?

    Thank you in advance!!!

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    i think it partly depends on how easily you're grossed out (and yeah, roasting the bones and salting the water make it taste great) it just smells like cooking meat to me

    it's just a pot of bones and brown water and a glistening fat layer on top, with bits of meat swimming throughout

    the ONLY time i was ever grossed out was when i tossed a chicken neck in the pot (along with chicken hearts and a ton of meaty bones). when the neck broke down i could see the esophagus and that was gross

    but it was the best tasting broth i'd ever made
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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    I was really enjoying your post till I got to the chicken neck part! Ewwwww!!!!!!!!!

    I can handle a pot of bones, brown water, and the smell of meat cooking

    Thanks for sharing your experience...sans the esophagus comment...again...EWWWWWW!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamo View Post
    I was really enjoying your post till I got to the chicken neck part! Ewwwww!!!!!!!!!
    Not had chicken neck but when I cook a turkey the neck is part of the stock/gravy the meat is divine.
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    Again, thanks to everyone for your input!

    I am cooking my first batch of beef broth as we speak...

    I started it yesterday - just about 24 hours ago, and here is my report:

    1. I used a 6 LB cut up femur bone. (Cost less than $8).
    2. I roasted it but it never really got brown (like I have seen in pictures)
    3. LOTS of "fat" came off during the roasting. I would say about 1-2 cups.
    4. I removed the marrow before adding the bones to cold water.
    5. I added some spices and cut up onion (and apple cider vinegar)
    6. It is no grosser than making chicken bone broth, I am happy to report
    7. It does not smell bad and does not look bad It actually smells rather pleasant
    8. I have not tasted it yet and will not taste it until it cools and all fat is removed. Just like with my chicken bone broth I will season it during the final "re-heat, after cooling and removing fat" stage.

    I am thankful to all of you for your encouragement and support Without it, I would not have taken on this new adventure

    Once I have a complete "product" I will report any new findings that others may find useful

    Again, THANK YOU!!!!!

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    Oh dear...I started reading some other threads and it "appears" I should have NOT drained the "fat" prior to dumping it into the crock pot. Oopss???

    Am I missing something? Are we supposed to put the fat into the broth, only to take it out later? Maybe there is a reason to "cook" with it in the broth making process???


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    yeah but it was delicioush
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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    Bloodorchid! STOP it!!!! LOL! Hey, love your tag line...think I am going to steal it

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    Oh...not that it is mother "made" me eat stuff as a kid. Once she fed me tuna fish and topped it with grape jelly thinking she could "hide" the tuna/flavor. I vomited. I was about 5. I never forced my kids to eat anything they didn't want to and both of my sons are SO much more open minded to food than I am! My oldest was a pickier eater than me and now he will try just about ANYTHING! (He has tasted squid, alligator, raw fish, etc. Not in my lifetime...)

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    Dynamo, it's not the food that is gross. It's you who are grossing yourself out. I can do the same with common vegetables:

    "I cannot believe that some of you eat roots of plants.... EWWWW!!! Don't you realize that those have been buried in the ground!!!!! I used to work on a farm and do you know what farmers use to make the soil better? POO! So y'all really eat roots of plants that have been growing in sewage! Yukkkkk! I know you wash it, but, geez, you can't get wash everything off, you know. Oh and there's also BUGS crawling around with those roots and sometimes those bugs even eat THE SAME THING YOU'RE EATING! You're sharing a meal with bugs! EWWWWW!" & etc.

    Seems kind of silly doesn't it?

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