So I've noticed a bit of a trend in some threads lately. Started with the iodine thread, leptin, cold water, now tators. Seems some people don't like anyone coming on "THEIR THREAD" and spreading *the horror* other ideas! I may be lost on forum etiquette, but I thought much of what we write was open to interpretation and analysis and hopefully even a bit of constructive criticism.

I see all kinds of weird stuff....not to single out the tator thread, but thats just the most recent place. Posters complaining that anyone offer a logical physiological mechanism or *gasp* suggesting you change it up by adding fat to the tator! Yeah, some fella was laying into another poster for actually adding a bit of fat to get through yet another day of tators. Oh Noooooos! BTW I actually haven't seen Otzi becoming Grizz or anything....its mainly some of the Johnny come late-lies.

Anyone wanna clear this up for me. I mean if you want closed community of people not open to outside influence or ideas....well that sounds like a good way to delude yourself, but maybe not the best way to learn. And no I don't think you can say the same of this forum as a whole considering the variety of POV and articles shared. Guess my point is YOUR thread is on THIS forum.....ITS NOT YOURS EXCLUSIVELY (unless I'm I said, I haven't read the book on forum etiquette).