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    Have you had any benefits from removing dairy?

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    Has anyone noticed any benefits or discovered they had issues with dairy? I'm think I'm going to try a month or so without any dairy. I have a few minor skin issues which I'm hoping can be helped by cutting out dairy, I also think that I develop congestion and a blocked/runny nose when I eat a lot of yogurt. It's going to be pretty hard as I absolutely love yogurt and eat the stuff everyday.
    Good thing I've found a good substitute, although it's really expensive so I doubt I'll be able to eat as much of it.

    Has anyone noticed they have had minor issues resolve as a result or removing all dairy products?
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    Well, minor and beyond for me. I am no longer congested with a stuffy nose, sinus etc, the congestion in my ears (Meneires Disease) went away, no more gas, no longer nauseous throughout the day, don't get car sick any longer, bowel movements now normal, and cervical mucous improved, Skin became clearer. Oh and if you had asked me I was healthy as a horse and had no problem with dairy. It was only after I removed it did these issues resolve and I realized the effect. So crazy I was 44, you'd think I would have known.

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    Yes, I have had trouble with my nose being stuffed for 30 years, slime running in the back of my throat and persistent heavy coughing and shortness of breath. Have used medicines for my lungs for over 10 years and lung capacity was some 85% after stopping with the medicine for couple of months (902% with medicine, 68% when I started medication)
    Cutting out diary has improved it some 80%. Not using medicine now and do not feel short of breath anymore and nose is mostly unblocked. I'll ask for a lung function test in december and hope lung capacity is near 100%
    Ears are also better, and didn't have trouble with scubadiving for first time in many years.

    If I eat cowmilk cheese my nose gets stuffed pretty soon, goat milk doesn't cause immediate problems

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    I cut out dairy for at least a month in solidarity with the Mrs as she was cutting it out to see if it affected the baby's digestion through changes to the breastmilk. Neither of us noticed any change, either in health or weight-loss, it's one of those things that some people are fine with and other are serverly intollerant and others get low level symtoms, you won't know till you try.

    I'm off dairy again this month, but that's just part of a weight-loss kick by using a restricted selection of foods, I am also not eating some of the things I'd pile down with dairy, so I'm not subbing with other products
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    Yes, when i eat dairy i get really congested, sligtly wheezy, and my energy level drops. People seem to notice it on me and ask me whats the matter. It happens with cow or goat dairy, abd unfortunatly i can't sub it with coconut products. I enjoy the taste of cheese, yogurt, and milk. Right now i'm looking for a nondairy pudding receipe. Wish u luck.

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    I have massively reduced my dairy intake for the last 6 weeks.
    I just to have a stuffy nose most nights that i had been told was allergic rhinitis to dust mite. It seems I may be allergic to dairy, as my symptoms have almost vanished!

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    I've actually increased my consumption but with no benefits nor ill effects, I like the taste though so I think I benefit from that.
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    my sinuses cleared and the pores on my face shrunk. good luck!

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    Yes, removed dairy and also eggs. All my sinus problems gone. Now if I have any amount my chest and throat get tight and my breathing shallow. It feels awful. If you remove it, be prepared that you won't be able to have it at all anymore, which can a be real problem eating out etc.

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    11 days was the longest I went without dairy. As far as I can tell, dairy doesnt affect me at all. I do only drink raw milk from a local farm and sometimes I get raw cream and raw butter. Oddly, I feel better and am more (ahem) regular when I consume raw milk. I cant drink commercial milk anymore b/c to me it no longer tastes like milk. But raw milk makes me happy.
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