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Thread: Have you had any benefits from removing dairy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    I also think a lot of these symptoms are psychosomatic and people dream them up because they're looking for them.
    I wish!

    I used to eat loads of greek yoghurt with, I thought at the time, no effect - however in hindsight I reckon it was just because it was pre-primal days and I just felt rotten all of the time. I need to try the sheep (yum) and goat (yuk..not fond of that goaty taste) yoghurt again before I can say if I'm ok with these, but I can't get hold of the raw stuff here..nor can I easily get raw milk (it's actually illegal here in Scotland).

    I know I can eat a small amount of raw sheep cheese with no effect, but if I overdo it then I still suffer.

    Believe me, I'm not looking for any symptoms - I love dairy and would love to be able to eat it without effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MouthDR View Post
    Dairy for the primal group is like wheat for the general public. It tastes good, is a part of our culture, and therefore a refusal to give it up. In light of all the issues with dairy (I don't think anyone would dispute it's high to very high estrogen sulfate content...), why do people continue to consume it?

    Saying that you do fine on dairy is a bizarre concept. Most people with gluten issues feel fine (it's a sliding scale of course) and the real danger is that it causes symptom-less issues. So why would dairy be any different?

    Just my thoughts...
    I agree with this post.

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    The longer I have gone without dairy the better I feel in a vague, difficult to define sense. I still eat cheese and yogurt, just not frequently.

    Milk is designed to take a very small, underdeveloped mammal and turn it into a large, fully-developed mammal in as short a times as is necessary for the species. I'm already fully grown and the only further development I can achieve is slight muscle growth and a lot of fat growth. I seem perfectly capable of obtaining muscle growth without drinking milk. I'm more than adequately capable of achieving rapid fat growth without dairy. So I see no need for it beyond that it is tasty.
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    I just had my allergy test back. My allergy to dairy and eggs strongly confirmed. Almost off the charts high for cows milk, casein, etc. but only moderate for goats milk. Not just in my head unfortunately, I loooove dairy. My absolute favourite things are egg custards and the like. I have heard that you crave the things that you are allergic to quite often.

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