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Thread: Have you had any benefits from removing dairy? page 3

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    Ok, I made it the first day. How long does it take to notice the benefits if you do indeed have a minor intolerance to dairy? I'm guessing atleast a week or so. And is there any other alternatives to yogurt besides coconut yogurt?

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    It is the best thing I have ever done.

    I never thought I was allergic to dairy even though my mother is.

    anyway, I feel like a different person. Dairy was definitely my Kryptonite!
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    I noticed improvement in 4 days, started primal on Sunday, improvement noticed on Thursday.
    Later I remembered that vacations always improved my lungs and I guess that is because I Don't east dairy then,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushrat View Post
    For all of those who quit dairy, how did you make up for the loss of fat in your diet?
    Um, I don't worry about it? I'm not super hung up on my macro percentages. I use fats in cooking and eat some fattier cuts of meat, and I like coconut milk and avocado, plus eggs are a big thing for me.

    I still use butter and ghee and put whey protein isolate in my smoothies, and that doesn't seem to be an issue. If I start consuming a lot of other dairy, I get bloaty and stuffy. I'm trying to mostly cut it out for this month, although I have consumed small quantities of good cheese and seem to be okay with that. But last month I fell into a festival of whole-milk lattes, greek yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, and so on, and that was not a good idea at all.
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    My father always told me growing up that adults should not drink milk because milk is for babies. So I gave up drinking milk after childhood. But I still would eat cheese and other cultured milk products and ice cream. Nowadays I mostly just eat meat and veggies, use olive oil for cooking, enjoy avocados and nuts, a little butter now and then. I don't notice much difference since my consumption of dairy wasn't high before, but I have to say that I have been feeling really good lately in an unspecified way.
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    I noticed my post-nasal drip issue disappeared when I stopped drinking milk. I still eat cheese, yogurt, kefir, and heavy cream, but those don't seem to bother me. Once in awhile I'll get a latte with whole milk, and I'll feel congested and gross for a few days. But, sometimes it's worth it!

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    I haven't had any milk in about 3 weeks (raw, pastured/organic, milk) because I had to leave town and had no access to proper milk.
    Unfortunately I'll likely have to leave town again in a couple of weeks and will wait until I'm home to resume my milk pick up.

    No change at all (skin, sinuses, etc that people normally attribute to milk)... except that I miss my milk raw immensely.
    And I lost less weight than normal for me...
    Though I did still lose a couple of pounds over the three weeks I was on vacation which is out of the norm for most people I think.

    I still consumed some other conventional dairy while away (was all I had access to, very small town)... butter, small amounts of cheese, and such.
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    I am one week dairy free as of tomorrow. No more gas, my asthma symptoms/mucous in chest have improved tenfold. I sleep better, barely have any post-nasal drip whatsoever. I'll probably still have dairy on special occasions, but am doing well enough wihtout it, that I don't miss it. I still use butter(ain't giving that up). I can actually go up steps and not feel as if I am going to die now due to not being able to breathe. I like dairy, but I love being able to breathe.

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    Stopping dairy for me helped to stop my allergies, stop my psoriasis, and dry skin.

    I liked yogurt and cheese, but was not an issue to give it up.

    It's for your health, OP. You shouldn't have any issues stopping anything that might improve your health.

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    I've had benefits from removing pasteurized dairy for sure. I seem to have issues with it that I only discovered since going primal. On the other hand, I tolerate RAW dairy extremely well.

    That being said, the only raw dairy I eat is a bit of raw cheese from time to time.

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