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Thread: 30 minutes of biking with sprints then a 30 minute swim. too much?

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    30 minutes of biking with sprints then a 30 minute swim. too much?

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    During my biking session I do 2 sets of tabata sprints after which I'm usually wiped. But I really want to go for a swim as I haven't zwam in years and the last time I could swim its as if I'd forgotten how. Got a free membership to the local YMCA so I'm going to take full advantage of it.

    Usually on days I sprint on my bike I do 30 minutes with 1 tabata round followed by 10 mins of leisurely pace then 4 sprints followed by 5 mins rest pace then 4 more sprints then a cool down then I go for a 30 minute walk. Just curious as to what others thought about the bike/swim thing.

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    Dosn't sound like too much if you are doing stuff regually and don't feel too wiped out for the rest of the day. I used to after work go to the gym and use the weight machines for half an hour to fill the time between the end of my shift and spin class starting, then after spin class I'd go for a swim for an hour - I was always fine the next day and just went home ate a tonne of food and had a really good kip.
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