Hey Guys,

This is my second day attempting to truly get into nutritional ketosis. I'm keeping my ratios at roughly 80/15/5 and carbs around 30g/day. I've noticed a definite increase in thirst, dry mouth and urination. I can really feel the water weight coming off, I already look leaner. However there are some other things that seem to be happening in this stage of adaptation that aren't so subtle. I'm definitely tired, headachey, and a little irritable. And it seems like the only thing that helps is salt. It really does help ameliorate these syptoms. But I'm wondering what the upper limit on salt supplementation is in this stage of adaptation? I've heard different things like 2-4g/day from Peter Attia and up to 5g/day from Phinney and Volek. What do you think and does Mark have a position on this?

PS: I'm a 27 year old male with completely normal BP. Also, would body size/frame (I'm 6'1", 235lbs.) play a role in potentially allowing for a higher supplemental intake of salt?