Hi everyone,

I have been visiting MDA for several months now and I've decided to "go paleo." I ordered The Primal Blueprint, the cookbook and the 30 minute meal book today and I'm excited about changing my life and getting healthier.

I considered "worst case scenario" as a user name but decided it was too negative, though it seems to fit me right now. I am an overweight insulin-dependent diabetic with hypertension and heart disease. I have never taken very good care of myself, eating unhealthy foods and being very sedentary the past few years. That is soon to change.

My biggest concern is my sugar addiction. I believe I am addicted to sugar like heroin addicts are addicted to heroin. I take one bite of something with sugar and the sugar craving monster roars to life and I can think of nothing else until I get more, more, more of that sugar.

I think going cold turkey is probably the best approach. I would appreciate any tips or advice from anyone who has faced this problem.