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Thread: A year of paleo vs. a week of SAD. SAD is winning.

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    A year of paleo vs. a week of SAD. SAD is winning.

    Really, really long story short, I don't feel good when I eat real food. Fat and protein digest poorly, while wheat seems to be the elixir of the gods. I discovered this the other week after devouring about a metric ton of horrifyingly unhealthy birthday cake and pizza. It gave me a headache, but aside from that, I felt perfectly happy and content, which is a pretty rare occurrence these days. It confused the hell out of me, especially considering I can't even eat chicken tenderloin without feeling so irritable I want to throw a baby out the window, so I started experimenting. This past week or so I have been eating virtually nothing but boxed foods and refined wheat. We're talking waffles for breakfast, Pastaroni for lunch (an old fat-me favorite), and a Totinos pizza for dinner, with three or four Capri Suns spread throughout the day for good measure.

    And I can happily report that my mood has been more balanced, I've seemingly put on some much needed lean mass (with obvious fat gain), and I have more energy. More acne, too, but that's a more than welcome tradeoff for feeling like a human being again. Somewhere, Matt Stone is doing a Snoopy dance and giving the finger to the Paleo community, I'm sure.

    Now, none of what I'm doing should lead to improved health, in much the same way eating curried pork shouldn't make me feel terrible, and I honestly have no explanation for what the hell is going on. I'm going to continue to eat this way until I have some meaningful results from a gastroenterologist I have an appointment with on the 7th*. I figure it can't hurt to eat shit and feel good for a week or two until I can figure out just what's wrong with my body. I will report back when I have results.

    *I like to think of myself as a thoughtful hypochondriac, and so far the nearest match I've seen with a symptoms list has been with h. pylori/peptic ulcer. Hyperthyroidism comes in close second, but as soon as food lands in my gut, the problems start, so I will be exploring the GI avenue.

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    I posted this in the wrong forum. Damnit. Sorry, didn't mean to be a bummer.

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    I recommend you eat primal/paleo, and just throw the damned baby out the window.

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    Could it just be a very low carb thing? Have you tried just eating high-carb paleo? lots of taters and fruit?

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    It has nothing to do with carb intake, unfortunately. I was low carb for a while, then I was higher carb for a while, and then out of desperation I was eating almost nothing but potatoes, and nothing helped. For whatever reason, the only thing that makes me feel good is wheat and sugar. I'm purposely eating the most refined and processed wheat and sugar I can find to make the point to the doctor that something isn't right with my body. These are foods that people universally agree are unhealthful to eat, and there's no good reason why they should balance my mood.

    I'm very interested to find out what's wrong.

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    Sounds to me like there is cause for a more in depth look into your chemical make up. I would suggest getting doctors involved, perhaps there is a chemical imbalance of some sort that is regulated by garbage sugars?

    PURE speculation, but based on the fact that almost everyone else feels better ditching the garbage foods it seems like there may be things going on internally that are out of your control dietary speaking.

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    If it makes you feel better, try eating it and see what happens. You may feel better but become less healthy. You may feel better and become healthier. You may stop feeling better after a while and return to eating larger amounts of Primal/Paleo foods with only a bit of grain on the side.

    Your body may have trouble metabolizing fats into sugars (for example), which would make purer forms of sugar better for you. Not saying it's that, just presenting a possibility.
    Just because Primal/Paleo food works so well for many doesn't mean it's for everyone. Your body may work differently. If you feel better and healthier with more easily accessible sugars, then eat them. Whatever your body needs to work optimally.

    Good luck.

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    Oh, there's absolutely something wrong with my body. I'm just waiting to hear back from the doctor. I'm still not as close to a diagnosis as I'd like. I eat the junk food occasionally now. I burned myself out pretty quick. But I noticed fruit digests with little trouble, so I'm going to try to stick with mostly fruit/potatoes/occasional grain-based junk food with meat as the smallest part of my diet for now. It keeps my mood balanced and the walls intact, which is the most important thing.

    By the way, sed, your beard is fucking insane. I approve.

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    Have you gotten a monitor and checked your blood sugars? Check them in the am when you get up (ideally at least below 90, in the 70's is better) 45 minutes after a meal (NEVER above 140) and 2 hrs after a meal (below 120 at least).

    How low carb did you go and have you done very low carb, with no potatoes and no fruit for at least 2 weeks, no cheats?

    For me, I don't feel full or calm without eating crap unless I keep my carbs down for a while. Because my body has been running higher blood sugars (mine were typically 108-115 first thing in the morning, pretty much any time I tested them they were in this range except after eating the would get up 120-130's. When you get rid of the foods that are good at giving you that wonderful high blood sugar that makes you feel so good, your body thinks it's blood sugar is too low. This causes irritability, nervousness and in my case, never ending hunger. Like I could eat and never feel full no matter how much I ate (actually I got to where I did this on any food). But holding out staying below about 50 carbs a day, that goes away and I can feel normal again and not be thinking about the next time I get to eat all day.

    You know how you feel after thanksgiving, calm, happy? That's high blood sugar For your body, that's like payday.

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    I've had a few blood tests this past year, and fasting glucose always came back normal. It was highest (92?) when I was ketogenic. I basically ate meat and low glycemic vegetables for the first six or so months of my diet. I haven't had an OGTT, so I can't say whether I can be hypoglycemic, but to my knowledge my glucose metabolism functions perfectly.

    I made a "journal" talking a little bit more about my struggle this past year if you want to read it. It's probably buried deep in the forum now, but you should be able to find it through my profile.

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