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Thread: A year of paleo vs. a week of SAD. SAD is winning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timthetaco View Post
    I've had a few blood tests this past year, and fasting glucose always came back normal. It was highest (92?) when I was ketogenic. I basically ate meat and low glycemic vegetables for the first six or so months of my diet. I haven't had an OGTT, so I can't say whether I can be hypoglycemic, but to my knowledge my glucose metabolism functions perfectly.

    I made a "journal" talking a little bit more about my struggle this past year if you want to read it. It's probably buried deep in the forum now, but you should be able to find it through my profile.
    The other tests, not just fasting, are important, particularly the two hour post prandial. Doing one after a meal that is the foods that make you feel good should show if that's a sugar surge that's making you feel satisfied. Before I ruled out a blood sugar issue, I would also test insulin. I would take my blood sugar at the same time to see a moment in time of my sugar plus what insulin level is putting it there.

    Hope you can figure it out... How do whole grains do you, do they make you feel satisfied? Like a big old slice of whole grain bread with some butter and honey?

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    I can't stand the taste of whole grains, so I couldn't tell you. The refined grains I was eating (I'm back to paleo now) weren't satisfying at all.

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    Update! This morning I had my esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD for sanity). Esophagus is fine, stomach's fine, but the doctor said the villi in my "dew-oh-dee-num" didn't look as dense as they probably should. I went searching and found pretty much an exact replica of the picture he took, except this picture is more "dense" than mine. Tomorrow I'll scan in my picture and share for comparison. He took five biopsies from the third portion of the duodenum and three from the stomach (for the hell of it, I guess) and should be calling with the results within ten days. I could possibly have celiac disease, but I'm honestly not sure. He previously ordered tTG, and it was "normal". I don't know what that means exactly or whether an abnormal value is required for celiac disease. However, I do know I'm extremely thankful to be so close to a diagnosis and treatment, celiac or not.

    Here's the picture of what appears to be a normal duodenum, my own to follow later. Apparently this picture I found is of a duodenal bulb, so I'll include mine as well.

    My duodenal photoshoot:

    My favorite quotes from this morning...

    Doctor: We don't expect to find cancer. Most people hear biopsy and they think cancer. (one of the first things he said to me)
    Three separate nurses: You lost 100 pounds in a year?
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    A lot of your problems could stem simply from low stomach acid. Try taking some HCL. Start with 1 pill at the beginning of a breakfast and work up until you get a bit of a burn, like 2 at lunch, and 3 at dinner, if needed. If it takes more than 1, you've got low acid. Eating beets and checking urine color is another indicator, so I'm told and my experience supports the theory. Digestive enzymes could be helpful, as well.

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    I don't know if you just didn't read the whole thread or if it was lost on you, but I'm pretty sure hydrochloric acid does not heal intestinal villi, and I already tried it back when I thought n=1 experiments weren't completely irresponsible and dangerous. Funny thing about betaine, that's when I threw a butcher knife through my kitchen window and pulled down the frame in the kitchen that held up the panels for the fluorescent lights. That was fun times when I was destroying everything and scaring the hell out of my wife, but I'd rather not relive them.

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    Well all I can say is may be you're more evolved than the rest of us? I went on a week away where all food was provided, just before Christmas, I spent Christmas in bed recovering and even now am still feeling the effects of the catered meals I was given three weeks ago. My guts where on fire, my head hurt, I was constipated then had diaorrhea,could not walk more than a mile, and had stomach ache so bad that it sent me to the docs. We are all different, I'll grant you, but if the chemicals in food make you feel good... may be its the same as any drug... It's just giving you a high.

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    Just out of curiosity - did you eat "primal" simple carbs and find the same decrease in pain/increase in mood - honey, maybe plain rice cakes, jam with added "natural" sugars, maple candy... Stuff like that?

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    No, it was just wheat-based crappy processed foods that improved my mood and energy. But there were diminishing returns, and they made me feel like any other person after about a week. Scroll up for an update on my situation ^^^^

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    I think everyone is individual. This diet may not work well for everyone. For me, it works great. I had two days over the holidays where I went heavy on crap carbs. Christmas day I had two slices of pie, a dinner roll and two glasses of wine. My body reacted like I was on speed. I couldn't sleep until 3am that night. On New Years Eve, I had 3 glasses of wine. I had a hangover before I even went to bed...and I used to never get hangovers, period. So it's pretty clear for me that my body prefers a Primal method of eating.
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    Update! Biopsies came back completely normal. I'm just fine. Except I'm not fine. But hey, why not drag this on for a few more months, or maybe a few more years, or perhaps for the term of my natural life?

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