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Thread: Foods that inevitably make you to overeat?

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    Foods that inevitably make you to overeat?

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    So, today I brought 275g of cheese and 250g of raisins - to consume over the week.

    Yeah, right!

    I ate everything at one sitting, besides lunch (which broke a 17-hour fast and consisted of a big chicken steak fried in organic butter, a tomato, two avocados, one apple and a square of 72% dark chocolate).
    Of course I felt sick afterwards (I still am!), and the worst part is that the story is likely to be repeated every time I bring cheese, nuts, raisins, plums/apples/grapes into the house! I seem to not rest while I don't have these items finished off... I also have overating episodes on high proteic foods (eggs, tuna, pork).
    My weight loss is severely sabotaged by this compulsive behaviour! Looks like I may have a bingeing problem here...

    Do any of you experience these cosmic triggering even with primal (primal-ish, better said) foods? If yes, under what circumstances and which ones? Thank you in advance!
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    Of course you'll binge if you starve yourself for 17 hours.

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    Not necessarily. Intermittent fasting folks do not binge - at least, as a rule.

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    I experience a similar problem, specifically with nuts and coconut flakes (I tend to just down them by the bag). In my experience, the more I buy, the more I eat. I assume it's because it's easy for me to ignore just how much I'm eating when there's still a large quantity remaining. I tend to binge when I'm either bored or stressed, but it helps if I occupy myself with some other activity that makes me forget about the food. However, the only sure-fire way I've found to prevent binge eating is to just avoid buying particular foods (like coconut flakes) or to at least limit how often I buy them. Of course, I'm trying to get to the point where I can simply control myself. For now, I would suggest really limiting how much you buy of certain binge foods at one time, and also try chewing gum. Orbit's sweet mint gum is a control mechanism for me personally

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    Quote Originally Posted by La Carnera View Post
    Not necessarily. Intermittent fasting folks do not binge - at least, as a rule.
    When you first start intermittent fasting, binging has a high chance of occurring. It's normal because your body is not used to it, it increases hunger and compulsiveness just goes out on its own. It gets easier after awhile. It is a very good way to increase discipline and good long-term and even short-term results are always achieved. Not everyone can do it though, so it's not for everyone. We all have Slightly different genetic tendencies that can affect us in our most carnal extinct: the desire to eat.

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    Ifing for longer than 14 hours and I am likely to binge.

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    Fruit, (whole or dried), or anything with sugar in it makes me overeat.
    I'll still be eating even if I'm no longer hungry.
    When I'm really hungry, meat, veggies, and fats will do the job of filling me up and keeping me full for a longer time than fruits or foods containing sugar. (dark chocolate, for example).
    I also find that drinking water BEFORE AND DURING my meal helps with saiety. If I don't drink during my meals, I find that I tend to eat more than I really need to.

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    Puglife, nipping it in the bud (that is, buying the mentioned dangerous items less times) seems to be the guaranteed way, at least, for now. I too want to be "immune" to a handful of nuts or fruits, oh please...

    Loneketo, that was very well said, even beautifully. Thank you!

    Camel, now that you mention it... I use to IF daily for 12-13 hours, as I don't eat breakfast during the week (I don't have the time or hunger), and I usually have a "tranquil" lunch.

    Counterpuncher, I usually finish my meals with water or tea. Tomorrow I'll start too.
    Yes yes yes. Sugar is a serious trigger to me as well.

    Thank you, all!
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    This is exactly the reason why I haven't bought any almond butter in about 6 months.
    Nuts trigger overeating episodes for me. Good thing I don't care much for cheese.

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    Nut butters. Love macadamia and almond. Although it's not paleo/primal, I am still a sucker for peanut butter.

    Chocolate. Although I don't feel too guilty if I eat an entire bar of it, and it's always high quality.
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