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Thread: Foods that inevitably make you to overeat?

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    Foods that inevitably make you to overeat?

    So, today I brought 275g of cheese and 250g of raisins - to consume over the week.

    Yeah, right!

    I ate everything at one sitting, besides lunch (which broke a 17-hour fast and consisted of a big chicken steak fried in organic butter, a tomato, two avocados, one apple and a square of 72% dark chocolate).
    Of course I felt sick afterwards (I still am!), and the worst part is that the story is likely to be repeated every time I bring cheese, nuts, raisins, plums/apples/grapes into the house! I seem to not rest while I don't have these items finished off... I also have overating episodes on high proteic foods (eggs, tuna, pork).
    My weight loss is severely sabotaged by this compulsive behaviour! Looks like I may have a bingeing problem here...

    Do any of you experience these cosmic triggering even with primal (primal-ish, better said) foods? If yes, under what circumstances and which ones? Thank you in advance!
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