Been grain and wheat free for three weeks now. Feeling wonderful. The other night I worked a night shift and had dinner at 5pm. At work I had green tea and about 2am had a few nuts and a small miso tea at 4am. Then came home went to bed till 1pm. Got up had a two egg omelette with parmesan cheese.

The thing is, you know how you don't get those 'hunger pangs' like we did on the horrible past way of eating. Should I still stick to the mantra installed in me from youth, you know the one, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Because for the last few mornings I have not been hungry. The fact that I went 19 hours while working on a few nuts and a cup of miso is amazing.

Scared if I don't eat my three meals a day my body will think it is in starvation mode and stall the weight loss that has been happening. Still in awe of how I don't feel starving or get sick in my tummy when hungry now!

What is your daily eating regime? Would love to know.

Cheers Eds.