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Thread: Acidic feeling

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    Acidic feeling

    Hey everyone,

    Quick background: I transitioned from over a year of "Primal" eating to a very strict anti-candida version of the GAPs diet for about 7 months because I was still having digestive issues, adult acne, and this acidic feeling roughly in my upper esophagus/throat area (that I came to associate with eating fruit/high sugar foods). Basically all I was eating was meat, broths and ferments, veggies, some Kerrygold butter, coconut oil, and olive oil.

    I became a bit underweight (5'5 110 pounds), started getting these heat related hives, felt fatigued, lost my period, my acne improved but did not go away completely, and that acidic sensation was gone (so some improvements, some negatives). Due to my weight loss and lost period, about 2 months ago I decided to eat more squash and then slowly transition to eating rice and potatoes. My acne really started flaring again and the acidic sensation returned, but I feel much better energetically. About a month ago I decided to stop eating FODMAPs with the occasional squash thinking that may be causing the acne (or SIBO) , and it seems that the squash potentially causes a large painful outbreak.

    I am now eating roughly 50G starch a day with some lower carb days and one carb refeed day of about 150G white rice. I am fond of having a bit of coconut oil wit a lot of my starches...and I'm also beginning to wonder if it's the combination with the coconut oil that is causing this acidic feeling. Another strange thing is that the acidic feeling often occurs after just drinking water. I feel very acidic right now even though I have had no carbs but zucchini yet today, but I had 2T coconut oil with my meat and broth. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I know more experimenting is in order but I've tried so many different things I'm going nuts, I'm sick of my skin looking so shitty. =(
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