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Thread: Which one?

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    Which one?

    I've done 2 experimental "diets". First one is pretty much Primal, with 130 carbs a day allowed, and a good amount of fat intake. Now let me describe my skin(especially face) on Primal diet:

    Still blotchy looking complexion
    Acne improved

    I felt better then on A SAD diet of course, but, not enough to me standards.

    The 2nd one was just meat, fish, eggs, and olive oil(small amounts), it was not 80/20 fat protein diet, but about 60/40 wasn't in it for ketosis. It was a zero-carb, zero-sugar diet. So this is how I looked:

    Very even, tanned complexion(even a friend mentioned it to me)
    No inflammation, active whiteheads, blackheads began coming out, no redness at all
    Still oily somewhat, but manageable(was just glad I had no acne whatsoever)

    The supplements I took on the both diets were:
    Fish oil(maybe 8 pills a day, 360mg EPA)
    Vitamin D(8,000IU daily)
    Zinc (50-100mg daily)
    Super B-complex(with Vitamin C)

    What I got from this is: I should lay off sugars, natural or not, stick to high Omega 3-s from fish and supplementation, and My face will be acne-free soon enough. I plan to stick to this, and and add spinach(which tiny amounts of sugar)

    Is this the way to go? I was also not bored by lack of choice for foods either on diet 2, i felt absolutely fantastic. Should I stick to the diet that suits me?
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