I was thinking. Humans naturally gravitate to foods that taste good so why would we want to eat vegetables when they don't taste very good.

I don't know about you but to me, fruits are way more satisfying than vegetables on their own, meaning no sauce, cooking or seasoning. 100% natural.

It seems like the only reason why we think we should be eating vegetables is because we've all been raised to believe that vegetables are the best thing for you. More the merrier.

So if we never had the information that vegetables are suppose to be good for us then why would we eat them? They don't taste very good raw. Fruits however taste really good. Papayas, melons, berries you name it. There's hardly a fruit out there that doesn't taste good.

I'm not saying vegetables are bad for you or anything. I still eat them although I do feel like I'm doing it cause I think I have to in terms of good health. I just think they would be the bottom of my list in a totally natural world.