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Thread: Fruits over vegetables?

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    I think vegetables taste great. A lot of foods are enhanced with green vegetables. Even cats will eat grass sometimes, so I imagine that in the old times people knew that vegetables had healing or health-promoting properties. Since they enhance the taste of foods, they provide incentive to eat them. There's a gradation from herbs to fresh greens, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mindo View Post
    I guess if you did eat fruits pretty much non stop all day then there might be an issue. But how many bananas would one want to eat in one sitting? 2 or 3 maybe?
    I am guessing you've never heard of the "30 Bananas a Day" faction? I was a raw vegan for some time, relied heavily on fruit, and it was not a good thing. Tons of sugar intake, and not good results for my teeth. Veggies are much much better overall.

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    Matt Lalonde gave a presentation at the AHS and found that vegetables were much more nutritious than fruit and much lower in sugar. Two thing regarding the taste: 1. We are conditioned to like sweet because it wasn't generally around unless in a tropical climate. Vit D is very important in the processing of sugar so it makes sense that sweet foods are more abundant and year round compared to cold regions, like Canada that have berries in the height of summer. 2. We are conditioned in our society to eat tons of sugar. Combine these two and I can see how you would prefer fruit. The veggies didn't mess up your gut but the fiber in them don't help once the gut is damaged. GAPS can help fix that and then the fruit you do eat will be SO sweet.
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    Vegetables wouldn't be very good as a survival food as they are not very calorically dense, but fruits are basically the perfect human food. But living in the modern world, vegetables are superfoods as they are great for helping you fill up for very few calories, they also are great sources of vitamins/minerals/antioxidants/bioflavanoids/polyphenols etc. They do taste great when cooked and seasoned too.

    Quote Originally Posted by prodistat View Post
    Fruit wasn't necessarily small and bitter. Here's Denise Minger's write up on the subject: Wild and Ancient Fruit: Is it Really Small, Bitter, and Low in Sugar? Raw Food SOS
    ^. I've tasted plenty of wild fruit and it's been as sweet or sweeter than store bought fruit. For all we know fruit could of been bigger and sweeter a hundred thousand years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkr View Post
    Matt Lalonde gave a presentation at the AHS and found that vegetables were much more nutritious than fruit and much lower in sugar.
    I didn't see where his presentation was available yet but here is one on the subject from AHS '12
    Little Shop of Horrors? The Risks and Benefits of Eating Plants — Georgia Ede, M.D. on Vimeo
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