Hi, I've been doing the primal fitness programme for about a month and I'm happy with the all round fitness and strength that this should bring. I also cycle and play tennis, which I have been doing for several years so I have a fairly good base level of fitness. However, I would also like to try out in a couple of 10k races once or twice a year - 10k just because that seems to be the standard race distance and I have family and friends who run 10k. According to Mark, with the primal fitness plan you should be able to hop into the odd 10k to a fair standard without training specifically for it. However, I've never done any running before so I was thinking of adding one or two runs a week - not necessarily 10ks as I don't want to do too much which is stressed a lot in his book, but say a couple of 2 or 3 mile runs and do one 10k say once every 6-8 weeks - I do not want to lose muscle by doing too much cardio, this is my main worry with long distance see, but I also want to get a decent time in the 10k as I would not be happy with running a poor time. Do you think this training plan sounds OK?

Tennis and cycling is mostly out over the winter anyway so I plan to replace this with these shorter runs. I ran my first timed 2 mile in the week in a time of 16:13, some uphill and some downhill. Which I think is average but gives me some target. (Also is there any effective formula to scale up a shorter run to an accurate(ish) 10k time?)