Not sure wether this is the right place to put this but I know a majority of you are from across the pond. Heading to Florida in 9 days for 2 weeks and been asking round and doing some research on what to do, see, how to get around and the subject of tipping.

We are staying in Disney and have a flux ticket (think thats it) for Universal and Seaworld. As far as we've been told there is a shuttle bus for all the Disney parks (and that the parks open 2 hours earlier and finish later if you stay on the complex) and that for external attractions there is shuttle buses and trolley trams which are very cheap. We are also planning on doing international drive for Ripleys museum, the upside down house, hooters, dunkin doughnuts, Dennys etc then possibly Gatorland (although heard this is miles away) and JFK space center.

So yeah any other place recommendations, travel ideas, general tips would be much appreciated. Also with regards to tips we don't have a real tipping culture over here so the whole thing seems a touch alien to me. I have done some research and that hasn't really helped so advice on this would be great please.