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Thread: Winter outdoors and a few extra pounds...

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    Winter outdoors and a few extra pounds...

    I am in the process of losing weight, and am at a bmi of 124.6. (Oops, 24.6)I figure I would like to lose about 15 more pounds, eventually. The question is, should I do it this winter?

    I love being outside. When the snow is on the ground I snowshoe or xc ski for hours. This winter, as I am more mobile since going Primal, I would like to spend more time outdoors. I may even start winter camping.

    My gray tabby, Lilac (rest in peace) used to scarf down the food in fall and got a nice tummy by December. She was an avid outdoors-cat. In the spring she would lose weight and get down to bikini size by May.

    Do you think the extra fat on me is a valuable asset in the winter? Or should I shed it and be able to ski even faster?
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