I only got into paleo and primal recently, but its really changed my life. I feel so much more energetic and excited day to day. I frequently find myself asking "What would Grok do?" to help me keep to the ancestral tenants. Grok wouldn't eat poison grains or put toxic chemicals on his skin. So recently I asked, would our ancestors wash every single day with copious amounts of water? The answer is no. Since we evolved over millions of years to not frequently wash, it only made sense for me to restrict showering to once a week, if not even less frequently.

I think its made a big difference. People have pheromones because we are animals and pheramones act like sex signals to the opposite sex. Not only do I have more time to enjoy myself in the morning since no shower, but I've also noticed I've been getting a lot more looks from women.

Is anyone else discovering the benefits of no shower?