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Thread: Has anyone else reaped the benefits of no showering as part of paleo?

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    Washing in clean water does not get rid of your pheromones. It gets rid of slimy, funky, stinky gunk.

    I bet that free-living human societies bathe(d) at every opportunity. Most people enjoy being clean and playing in the water. I bet most cultures who live by clean fresh water bathe daily or almost daily given the opportunity. Lots of agricultural societies were notorious for infrequent bathing, but then that may have been an artifact of clean water being a relatively valuable resource not to be wasted on bathing; when you have to pull your water out of a well by hand and carry it home in a bucket, you're not going to want to fill a bathtub very often. Similarly if you lived in a medieval city where the river was full of shit and garbage, bathing probably didn't sound so great either. Most of these places and people also had reputations for reeking like shit and having major problems with communicable disease as well.

    What does mess up your natural smell is being unhealthy and also using chemical scents. Washing with clean water removes the smelly goop from your skin and lets your clean, natural scent through. Your skin is releasing that smell all the time and it can't be "washed off", only masked or altered.

    For me, I shower daily, but I use as little soap as possible (usually none) and never use anything scented or perfumed. That way I get to smell naturally good and still be clean. Plus getting my hair wet in the morning avoids those bad hair days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AMonkey View Post
    Is anyone else discovering the benefits of no shower?
    No! Mr. Grok probably didn’t comb his hair or was wearing sunglasses either...

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    I are the availability of hot water as a privilege that quite a few people in the works do not enjoy, and I love my showers. I take 2-3 a day to feel clean (mostly because I work out). If you don't get snelly and the people around you don't complain then shower or not as you wish, but it's not exactly harmful to take a bath once in awhile. People in the Middle Ages and before modern times in Europe didn't bathe because they believed it was harmful and I'm pretty sure things were pretty stinky back then.
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    I hate smelly people. Just because you've grown accustomed to your own stank doesn't mean the rest of us has. Good lord, take a f'n shower.

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    I prefer to shower when I am washing my hair, and the otherwise sponge bathe daily (wash cloth, clean water).

    I came to doing this last year in the winter. It was cold, and the bathroom would be *freezing* after a hot shower. I would then get chilled, and it was not pleasant, as I couldn't seem to warm myself thereafter.

    So, I took to putting some hot water on a wash cloth and wiping myself down, which got rid of all of the "yuck" on my skin (whatever that would be), and then putting on a nice layer of warmed coconut oil on my skin. I'd sit by our fire and let that soak in, and then get dressed. The whole deal took about 15 minutes, and I was clean and toasty warm all day long that way.

    I moved to washing my hair about once a week. It didn't take long for my hair/scalp to adapt. I just had to brush it more vigorously for an extra day. So, I went from washing my hair every-other day to washing it every third (brushing vigorously on the third to remove excess oils). When I didn't have oily hair on the third day, i pushed off washing to the forth day (vigorous brushing), and then pushed off to the 5th, etc. Now I can go seven or even 8 days without washing my hair.

    Since I now swim on Mondays with my son, I wash my hair there. They have a nice shower, and I use a stripping shampoo that gets the chemicals off of my skin and out of my hair. I then put on a nice layer of coconut oil after (for my son, too), and then the rest of the week I'm doing sponge baths.

    It's quite nice.

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    I just decided to start being more conservative with my bath products yesterday. Now I'm just using a coconut oil scentless organic soap for the 'pits and bits' and hair ever 3 or 4 days. However, I do like to get under some water every day if I can. This is a trial run for me, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KV8R View Post
    Um, those looks you're getting may not be positive.
    That's what I was thinking!

    In our society we're not generally used to smelling bad BO, and while some people never smell terrible, my husband, for example has almost made me nauseous if he's had a day of hard work and hasn't washed afterwards. I've literally woken in the night thinking "OMG what is that SMELL???" Only to realise it's stale BO (and not a week's worth either... just a day's!)

    That being said, I don't think we need to use soap and stuff all over all the time. I don't always feel the need to wash with soap, and I also don't use scented deodorants or perfumes or anything like that, and I like to think I don't smell BAD... I just smell like a human should.

    I also do crossfit most days (and sweat) and I do roller derby training a couple of times a week (and sweat) so I can't imagine going without a shower! Definitely before work!!

    I don't think it really mattered what our distant ancestors did... back then, I guess there were times when nobody washed, so everyone was used to the smell... which is very different from today, when people generally wash frequently, and you really notice it if one person stinks!

    Also I have to add, I'm not obsessive about making my kids bath/shower daily, and I don't get wafts of bad smell off them... I think when one gets to puberty it's a little tougher, though. My daughter likes to wash pretty regularly, but my boys have to be told! I don't promote the use of soaps and other cleansers with them, and would rather they start using mineral deodorant than that godawful stinky spray stuff (my husband uses it and I almost choke when I go near him... I HATE chemical smells!!)
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    A while back I read a piece by a physician that proposed that we would be much healthier is we bathed less often. Daily (or more than daily) showering strips away the normal, healthy bacteria from out skin that help form a protective barrier. I believe that this is probably true. I generally shower and wash my hair every other day. If I have been to the gym or done sweaty or dirty work ( I do a lot of that), it has to be more often (which kind of dries out my skin, but what ya gonna do?).

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    I bathe daily (not big on showering - Euro here), but I rarely use soap.

    I do have to say that wet wipes = crucial.

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    i reckon civilisation is running hot water. i dont use soap very often at all but i do shower or bath every day. the people i know who dont, sorta smell funky. not stale sweat smell but just different. none of the men particularly excite me either but that is coz they dont anyways, not coz they dont wash enuf. i guess if i come across someone that i can smell in that way, not necessarily offensively, i will involuntarily look as i will notice. but it prob wont be a "look"

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