Spent a lot of time reading PB, Peter Attia's Eating Academy, Phinney & Volek, and a bunch of Paleo folks. They nearly had me convinced I could eat more carbs. Ah, not so much. So, I start this journal by going VLC. I read Attia's experience "curing" his insulin resistance. It's hard for me to know if I am insulin resistant, since I haven't had the tests to prove it so. But, the signs are there. I have pre-hypertension, have had it for nearly 20 years. 20 years ago, at the age of 32, my triglycerides were 144 (I know, not all that high), my HDL was 49, and I was eating a diet that was HC/LF. I continued to eat HC/LF until about 1 1/2 years ago when I discovered LC/Primal/Paleo. I did it mostly because my blood pressure kept creeping up. For a while, I was on an ACE inhibitor. Then it crept up and we added a diuretic. About 4 years ago, my blood pressure again went up to 130/85, even with the med's, so my doc doubled the dose. Gave me the same-old same-old advice: eat less fat, stay away from the saturated fat, exercise more. I always laugh when I get the "exercise more" line. I don't exercise as much as my husband - he's just a freak. But, I can hike 10 miles. I can ride my bike 50 miles, over mountain passes in Colorado. I exercise more than most (though I live in Boulder, Colorado so I just appear to be a couch potato by comparison) I'm not buying this exercise more line. Because it doesn't work!

I knew that if the trend on my blood pressure continued, I was going to be adding drugs on drugs. I couldn't ignore it; my dad had his heart replumbed at 65 after years of hypertension. Nothing my doctor had said had helped to actually reverse the trend. Probably hurt! I figured what did I have to lose by shaking up my whole diet? I started LC/mostly Primal about 1 1/2 years ago. Since then I have reduced my blood pressure med's by 1/2 and my pressure is running 115/75. My weight has come down about 10 lbs, from 157 at a high to 147 now. My HDL went up to 61 after being stuck at 54 for years! My tri's are now around 50. Alas, I still have another 10 pounds to lose and I would love, love, love to ditch the blood pressure meds entirely.

Have now stalled in both those goals for way too long. My weight had gotten as low as 143 last year when I trained for a half-marathon but that's largely unsustainable as an exercise program for me. The answer lies in the diet, I have determined. Reading Attia's story about going ketogenic, I thought hmmm. Might be worth a shot. And, here I am giving it a go. Don't know until you try. Going to be an interesting road with the holidays coming up. I've found that other people really hate when you decide to adopt a diet that isn't what they eat. And, I'm a chef who bakes a mean dessert, so it's just expected that I will eat what I make.

Here are the stats du jour:

51 year old female. 147 pounds. 5' 3" tall. Body fat? No idea. The calculators say 32.8% which I find laughable. Some day I'll get my DEXA scan and have the real answer.

Some things I've learned and questions to be answered:
  • According to Dr. Phinney, eating too much carb in one day will knock you out of ketosis and it takes a while to get back
  • If ketosis is a possible answer for burning up body fat, I never spent enough time in it to make a big difference
  • Once I reach my goal weight, is it necessary to stay in ketosis or can I relax somewhat? Well, won't answer that question until I get there.