Well... I guess this thread got a bump from a spammer lol! So I'll post an update

I started Stronglifts or at least my version of it about 4 weeks ago. My gym has no power rack so I'm putting the olympic bar on the assisted pull up thingy... I'm just the right height for it. I load my weights once it up there.
Squat- started at 115, now I'm at 130 and I should be able to go up to 135 Friday.
Bench-70lbs, now 80lbs
barbell row-70lbs, now 85lbs and ready to go to 90lbs
Overhead press-50lbs, now 65lbs
Deadlift- I usually do single leg deadlifts with 2 40lb dumbells. But last workout I did my probably first ever real deadlift and it was 135lbs for 2 sets.

Are my weights pretty proportionate for each lift compared to each other?
I can tell I've gained muscle. I'm not any bigger because my clothes still fit nicely My weight is the same.