I'm confused... I've been reading other threads and am wondering what the difference is between say doing 5 reps vs doing 12 or more reps... and what about reps to exhaustion? What type of results do you see from depletion workouts vs high weight/lower rep workouts. Sorry if this is so scattered... like I said I'm confused! lol
I asked a guy in my gym and he said that as long as I keep the weight in a range that I can do 10-12 reps I wouldn't get big from that. I like lifting heavy though!

Compared to what I've seen of the other females in my gym I lift, I lift fairly heavy but not so much compared to what I've read of other female posters on this forum.

For example... the last benchpress I did my 1st set was with 2 40lb dumbells for 5 reps, next set was 2 35lb dumbells for 8 reps, and the next was 30lb dumbells for 12 reps. On single leg deadlifts the first set was with 2 35lb dumbells for 10reps, then 30lb dumbells for 12reps, and last was 25lb dumbells for 15 reps.

And then sometimes I'll do lower weight/higher reps. I weight train 2-3 days a week, run sprints 2 days a week and run, jog, walk about 1 day a week. Any advice on what kind of program I should start?