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Thread: Can primal help this?

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    Can primal help this?

    Just curious:

    I have an older friend (upper 60's) who has all sorts of medical issues but her main problems are diabetes (not sure which type but takes insulin daily) and Chrons.

    From my understanding, these two are polar opposites. A diet that would help her diabetes aggravates her Chrons and vice versa.

    She also has a pace maker and has neuropathy in her legs. Lots of issues.

    But would a straight primal diet or even a modified one help her? Thoughts?

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    I'm pretty sure cutting out the grains should really help the Crohn's considerably, and as for diabetes, less grains and carbs = fewer insulin spikes. I think it might help your friend to go Primal.
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    Definitely. Avoiding grains/wheat in particular should help to alleviate some of the symptoms.

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