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    After the weight loss??

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    Lately I have been realizing that when I need to maintain my weight, from what I calculate - I will have to eat alot more carbs. Trying to find lists of low GI - high calorie carbs to start working back into my diet. Unfortunately, I was just diagnosed T2 diabetic and I function lots better with about 100-120 grams of carb - mostly from veggies. When I work in more carbs (even sweet potatoes arborial grains etc..), though my post eating numbers seem ok, my fasting starts to creep up. My liver dumps glucose at night worse when I eat more carbs - the fewer I eat, after a few days my fasting gets 10 points or so less. Trying to calculate at 6' 4" and 190 lbs - even exercising modestly I will need about 2800+ calories a day!! Further my kidneys are not doing super well from the diabetes and I was having fatty liver problems before I started to lose weight. Weight loss will help both of those things - but I probably won't want to go over 100-150 g's of protein (probably closer to 100 g's) That accounts for about 800-900 cals from carbs and protein .. how much fat can I eat- even monounsaturated- and still be healthy (probably not 200 g's) Oh well I am eating lots of veggies, fruit, nuts, a couple of pieces of lean meat, yogurt, some cheese etcc.. and no junk food at all. I think this is a much better way of life. How many cups of steamed vegetables would one have to eat to get 200 grams of carbs. Would this still put you in 'insidious weight gain'. An extra 5-6 sweet potatoes would do the trick - probably still drive my sugar up. I'll deal with weight maintenance later.

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    Why don't you just eat more food in general? Why focus on carbs if you are diabetic and they are a problem for you? Eat more meat and vegetables and let the carbs fend for themselves.
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    I agree with sbhikes.....just eat MORE if you want. I would NOT focus on more carbs were I in your shoes. Nothing magical about them and if you fasting sugars tend to rise seems a good enough indication to me that it may not be in your best interest.

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    More fats like coconut oil and olive oil, avocados etc may be helpful.

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    Why lean meats?

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    +1 @ sbhikes and you can eat more dairy and nuts if well tolerated. I am pretty much at goal weight so I eat more dairy and meat and maintain that way... I just eat as much as I want while keeping low carb.

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