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Thread: Pushups - what is wrong with me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by temmeyhpettti View Post
    How are you at planks? Forearm planks and hands? If you can go 3 minutes on a plank, I'd think your core will be holding its own. If you tend to sag in the pushup, work on planks to learn and strengthen the strong body through the entire move.
    Is there an echo in here? (see #8 above)

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    Yes, the spammers have gone wild.

    I did 3 regular pushups today. I will not worry about tricep pushups or close-arm. Just ain't gonna happen.
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    You could also try reverse push up, go up to push up position knee push ups or just getting up on your knees, bum in the aie style then lower as slowly in control, I do these at the end of a set if I don't get to a target number to finnish off.

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