I'm trying. I will get there. I cannot do a single regular pushup.

My boyfriend couldn't believe me that I could not do one so I demonstrated. He said my problem was my arms are out too wide. He demonstrated doing pushups with his arms closer together. So I tried it. There is absolutely no way my arms will bend when they are closer together. The elbows simply do not budge. This happens when my core fitness instructor tries to get us to do tricep/bicep pushups. I cannot get the elbow on the arm that's supposed to work the tricep to budge. Are my elbows deranged? Why won't they bend in that direction?

I can do pushups using my chair. I'm getting better at them. But try to put my arms narrow and even if I can bend a little bit, there's absolutely no strength whatsoever there. What is wrong with me? What do I need to do?