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Thread: Getting too much sleep

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    You know that old saying, "For a hammer, everything is a nail"? Well, my hubby has sleep apnea, and he was just awful before he heeded my advice to go to a really good sleep specialist (was tired constantly, slept looong hours if given a chance, and otherwise fell asleep at the drop of a hat). He got there, and less than two hours into his sleep study, they woke him up and hooked him up to a C-pap machine, he was THAT disordered.

    Get another doctor if you have to, because you are right in that this is not right or good. Not that you need a c-pap, which I cannot diagnose, but disordered sleep is a wider world than most realize, which I found out when hubby went, and also when I took a daughter to a pediatric sleep study as well and met all those parents and talked.

    Good luck! and let us know.

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    About two years ago, I went through a period of sleeping 10-12 hours every day. I don't quite know what the reason was, so I will sum it up as emotional and physical trauma.

    My 2 cents:
    -Try sleeping less. I feel more tired nowadays if I go over 8 hours.
    -Accept this as something your body has to do for healing if you decide there are legit reasons.
    -When getting 'back on track', take melatonin an hour before an early bedtime, and practice getting up at the crack of dawn. I usually feel rested when doing this. My sleep quality during the night is much better than my sleep quality during the day.

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