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Thread: Fell off the wagon -- hardcore

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    Fell off the wagon -- hardcore

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    So I did PB for awhile, then let stress knock me off the wagon. I had lost about ten pounds; I've put five of them back on (Even off the wagon I tried to make sure that at least one meal a day was pure or nearly-pure PB).

    I've been having the voice in the back of my head (and the forefront as well) that I really need to drop all this poisonous junk and go back to REAL food, but I've had no motivation. I feel like an alcoholic who's started drinking again (isn't it ironic that most alcohols are grain-based?).

    Then over the last few days I've started having stabbing pain in my guts whenever I eat. No, I don't have celiac, but I do have issues with my pancreatic enzymes, so any kind of imbalance can send me over the edge.

    You want ultimate irony? Corn chips give me stabbing pain. McDonald's? (Yes, I'm horrible, especially on my 18-hour days!) Actually satiated and feeling decent :P

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    I definitely indulged in WAY too many sugary treats over the easter weekend. Ugh. I find that a few carnivore high fat days have me back on track and totally killed my sugar addict feelings!

    Climb back up, and remember that primal is a way of life, not a diet!!!

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    Dropping the junk little by little is easier than doing it all at once. Decide to eat a little better every day and you will create new habits painlessly.
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    Oh I totally know the feeling... I am addicted to sugar. 100%. I can eat sugar any time of day, whether I'm hungry or not. I haven't had carb cravings, just SUGAR! They need to have a Sugaraholics Anonymous.

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