Really I give up.

I've got something wrong with my achilles tendon, so I went to the doctors.

Now I only run once a week, and I never do more than 10 miles, and I have been running for at least 6 months, starting in Fila Skeletoes and then getting some vivo barefoot trail shoes super cheap off Amazon when it got muddy I and was starting to fall on my arse in the skeletoes.

I went easyin the vivo barefoot at first as they are more barefoot that the skeletoes, I got a bit of calf soreness, but nothing major.

I think I have done something when I fell down the front steps about 5 weeks ago, and made it worse when I had a minor slip when out on rocky desent, and my worry is it's not getting better for resting, if anything it's getting worse.

Doctors Advice - It's an over use injury - buy shoes with more arch support

I didn't say F*&^%)FF, but explained that I didn't belive that that was the correct approch, and there is plenty of reseach to show that running shoes cause more injuries than they prevent, but that I wasn't an expert and of course you can find reseach to back up most POV.

I've been refered to physico at least, not that I have much more faith in them either.

Bah, guess I'm gonna have to be my own doctor and use the internet to cure me.