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Thread: i've finally figured out which military branch i'm joining (:

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    I think that everyone who is healthy and sane should be required to do 2 years of military duty, commencing within a year of graduating high school.
    At the very least, it would teach young people the discipline that they most likely lacked up to that point, teach them to be accountable for their actions, how to follow directions, the importance of teamwork, physical fitness, and how to take care of themselves and their basic needs without relying on their parents.

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    no, i'm not one of the people who join the military for the uniform. i just got back today from a weekend drill and there were a couple people that enlisted because you get your uniform during high school... i just love the whole military setting, i feel right at home hanging out with the soldiers doing the whole "yes sergeant" or "no sergeant" deal plus working out in massive groups is fun too :-) thank you everyone who said congrats and thank you all who've served!

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    You're not in Hawaii are you?
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    Good luck. Have fun!

    I had some of the best years of my life in the military. I have made some great friends for life.
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