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Thread: Off the Wagon and Looking at Jumping Back On

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    Off the Wagon and Looking at Jumping Back On

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    Earlier this year, I had less than optimal success with Primal, but I think that part of it was my fault for not approaching this thing fully. I started around the beginning of this last February.

    Diet - My diet was pretty in line, however, i was eating more of the meats and fats and was not eating as much of the fruits and veggies as I should. Was taking a multivitamin and fish oil.

    Exercise - Non existent. In my 1 month of trying Primal, I worked out twice.

    Medical - My absolute fault here. I am diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and was supposed to be wearing a CPAP. Well, I didn't wear the cpap for over a year.

    What this netted me after around a month's time was a trip to the doctor, and had a blood pressure of 140/100. He put me on Lisinopril 10mg and Zoloft for me being a anxious wreck about the whole thing. At this point I blamed it on Primal and went back to classic dieting. I did, however lose 15 more pounds with bumps in the way.

    Next thing I tried, due to urging from a friend, was Visalus shakes. They worked great for about 3 weeks, but then due to all the soy and crap in them I started getting near daily heart palpitations. I kicked them to the curb.

    Next I went back to regular diet and got down to 245, and was doing fairly decent.

    Fastforward to today, I have taken myself off of the lisinopril(bp stays around 125/80) and have ditched the Zoloft. I however am back up to 245.

    I want to give Primal/Paleo a shot again I really do, I mean the science seems solid and a lot of the science/health and fitness community seem to be becoming more accepting of it(shockingly, my cardiologist actually suggested that I read Good Calories/Bad Calories by Taubes). I guess after that last experience and debacle I am just a little gunshy about giving it another shot.

    So should I give it a shot again with the following changes?
    1. Balance the diet with more veggies/fruits instead of just going for the meats/fats.
    2. Exercise more and get more active in general.
    3. Stay on my CPAP until the point in which my OSA has cleared from the weight loss and better diet?

    Help me folks, I really need to make some changes. After learning what I have about this sort of lifestyle, honestly none of the other weight loss methods make sense to me but I'm hesitant about this one due to the experience I had.


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    Don't think about just hopping on the wagon. Hop in the driver's seat

    Veggies and some fruit are good. I encourage you to eat them. (Hint: butter) But some people here do just eat meat and fat.

    Working out is great. But staying active is most important, like doing a brisk walk every day or something. But 80% of primal is diet.

    What made a huge difference for me was intermittent fasting - Just skipping some meals.

    For sure stay on the CPAP. I refuse to take meds but I am not suggesting you do that. You just need to keep working basic primal. Go through Mark's 10 points to make sure you are doing them.
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    Does anybody have any insights or info why my BP might have been driving up then besides the lack of CPAP?

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