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Thread: Where/How can I buy bones for my bone broth?

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    Where/How can I buy bones for my bone broth?

    Try as I may, my "need" for bone broth far outpaces my ability to eat the meat from bones to be saved for broth. I have concluded I need to buy them! I don't care if they are chicken or beef bones. My only idea is to call every store/butcher within striking distance to see who will/does sell them. I would prefer not ask for a "favor" and to simply buy them from someone who typically sells them.

    I live in Michigan (Detroit/Ann Arbor area to be exact) and have access to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Wallmart, Meijer, Kroger, etc. I am not sure what constitutes a "butcher" over a store that HAS a butcher (such as Meijer) as I have read that some have had less success with the latter. Also, I have read about some types of "farmers"
    that sell beef and their willingness to sell bones. Again, I am not looking for any freebies and am willing to pay for bones. I would eat a ton more broth if I could simply start with roasted bones - as it is, I find myself "pacing" my consumption of what I can cook up...

    THANK YOU in advance

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    Do you have a farmers' market in your area? Because that's where I usually get mine. They are always labeled as "dog food" and are super-cheap, haha.

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    Ask the butcher at the stores, if not find a butcher shop in the yellow pages. Bones tend to be pretty decently priced
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    You can buy grass-fed beef bones in Whole Foods.

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    very few major supermarkets do much butchering anymore, so they don't have bones lying about in the back. you can look for packages labeled "soup bones" or "neck bones". oxtail works too. if you have access to a latin/spanish or asian grocer, you will have better luck getting bony cuts.

    for chicken broth i buy backs, heads and feet at an asian grocer.

    lastly, google grass-fed beef farmers in your area. they will sell you bones and off-cuts for pretty cheap.

    btw, i usually do up 15-18 pounds of bones at a time, so i only have to make broth a few times per year. i eat it more days than not, and that wouldn't happen if i didn't have bags and bags in the freezer.
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    at the WF i shop at, the soup bones are usu in the frozen section; that's prob why you haven't seen them...

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    Thank you all for the EXCELLENT ideas! After a lot of searching I did find a meat market - Cattlemans - that sells beef bones but rarely chicken bones. I was also told if they were out of beef bones when I stop in, she could cut up a "femur" for me. Is this type of bone ok to use? I am grossed out pretty easily so the thought of using some of the "parts" you gutsy people tend to use is not easy for me to swallow . I could never cook a chicken head or feet! LOL!

    Oh, thanks for the idea about Whole Foods as well. I will check it out!!!

    Again, THANK YOU ALL!!!!

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