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Thread: What did you have for LUNCH today?

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    What did you have for LUNCH today?

    For me, figuring out what to have for lunch is the hardest meal of the day. What is primal, easy, portable, and can be heated up in the microwave at work? Sometimes leftovers works for this, but hubby and I don't always have leftovers... or there's only enough for one of us, and we flip a coin to see who gets it.

    Right now I'm teleworking (while they renovate the building where I usually work) so lunch is a lot easier!

    Today I had fried shrimp, seasoned with lemon and adobo pepper powder, stirred into a BAS made with bok choy and tomatoes.

    Sorry, no picture, I ate it all before I thought about photographing it!

    What did YOU have for lunch today?

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    I had an errand to run downtown, so I bought lunch from my fave deli today. Spinach salad with chicken breast, goat cheese, cucumbers, pecans, cranberries, mandarins, and date/chipotle dressing. Small amount of sugar in the cranberries/pecans, but otherwise, pretty primal for something store-bought! Tasted good, too.

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    I'm a salad luncher. Spinach salad with diced chicken breast, cucumber, tomatoes, red pepper, (sometimes I add mushrooms or other various veggies) dressing of olive oil and apple cider vinegar with a whole raw carrot on the side.

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    I was busy teaching until noon (no breakfast today) so I ended up eating at about 1pm. I made myself 5 fried eggs in butter. This is not my typical lunch, but it's what I felt like eating. My partner was also home and ate the dinner leftovers, so that wasn't an option today.
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    Mashed root veggies with a bit of cream (white potato, carrot, swede (rutabaga) carrots), feta cheese, and wild rocket (rucola) with a honey and mustard dressing.
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    bacon! just bacon
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    I had leftover beef stew and an apple, but I made enough stew a couple of days ago to have leftovers on purpose (last night's dinner was salmon).

    As for the days when you don't have leftovers, on the weekend I will cook a big pan of chicken thighs or something like that and then put them in the fridge/freezer for lunches, or I'll bake a batch of bacon-wrapped eggs. I'm also trying to get back in the habit of making large batches of stuff like curries and then freezing a couple of portions so I have something on hand for the no-leftovers days.
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    batch-cooking is a must for me, or i'd wind up eating out too often or eating poorly.

    was off today, so my 1st meal was lunch-time: 3 eggs with brie, spinach and bacon.

    dinner was veal heart from the freezer, already cooked, that i warmed up with tomato confit and lots of garlic and red pepper.
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    bacon wrapped chicken livers with a homemade bbq sauce, carrots with a homemade ranch and 1/2 grapefruit. I saved the other half for dinner.


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    Applegate ham slices(almost teh whole package), simple salad with balsmic, blueberries and strawberries and water.

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