Hello my fellow Groks and Grokettes.

So I have signed up for the 100kms walk for Oxfam next year in April, walking around lake Taupo in 36hrs or less. I have never done anything like this before which is both exciting and daunting, luckily for me my teammates have done it before so a pretty prepared but they also live far away from me so I am doing the training on my own. I have read another post in relation to this and like him I want to do this as primally as possible (lack of sleep will be the hardest thing I think, for alot of reasons but mostly because it affects my descision making skills when it comes to what food I consume. ie if I eat the wrong thing I end up feeling worse. But hopefully by April I will have this more under control, the longer I am primal the better I get at it). I can't eat Bread (Gluten), so i'll probably want to take my own primal snacks.

But anyways other than any other helpful advice anyone as I am wondering if I could walk it in my VFF's? I enjoying walking in them both on the flat/road and hills but my longest walk is only around 7kms so far. Has anyone walked longer?

Also if anyone wants to support a good cause, please donate to my team (I will send photos)
United Nations of Trailwalker | Oxfam Trailwalker

I was also thinking of getting Grok t-shirts/ singlets for the team