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Thread: Walking 100kms in VFF's. Is it doable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi-grok View Post
    mind you I am not much of a runner.
    Who said anything about running? LOL. I did Jeff Galloway's run-walk-run method. But a run for me is more of a painfully slow jog for most people. I only go 4 mph unless I'm sprinting. Add pregnancy and a 7 lb back pack on top of that and I was contentedly chugging along at about 3.5 - 3.7 mph.

    larabars are bars made from nuts and fruit, and gobites are a new favorite of mine
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    I dunno if you can get them in NZ, but maybe you could put together something similar.
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    Is this 100km all in one day? I can tell you that 30 miles in one day is going to hurt your feet no matter what you are wearing. 62 miles is going to really really hurt. If it was me, I would bring a backpack with a couple different pairs of shoes--as in totally different from one another--to change them up. Give the feet a rest, something new to work against, relief from blisters if you get them, extra cushioning for when it starts to hurt, extra flexibility for when the cushioning feels like too much. Extra socks, too, so you can change them frequently to feel fresher on the feet. Whenever there's a rest stop, take off your shoes and socks and let your feet breathe. You might even pack a pair of sandals. Good luck.
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    I have never heard of larabars and gobites, I wonder if I can get them in NZ
    if you google there are stacks of homemade lara bar recipes as they are essentially just ground up dried fruit and nuts i think? we tramp on the almond cocoa balls recipe from MDA which is ground dates, ground whole almonds, cocoa powder and coconut oil. you can add in chopped bits of 85% choc and so on. remember to take some cushioned sticking plasters for blisters. i havent walked that far in one day. i have walked solid for prob 8 hours over uneven terrain ( silver peaks ). my feet didnt hurt, in fact i think i did it in a pair of workboots. there was a fair amount of hardcore bush bashing thru places without tracks and the odd incident getting lost in thickets of bush lawyer which slowed us down. all up it couldnt have been much more than 30k i dont reckon. if i was going to walk 100ks in a day, i would definitely train by doing some long long long 12+hr walks in said footwear. gelatin helps with ligaments too so i would get into that and the vit C and the magesium etc as part of my pre race nutrition.

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    If you were going to use VFF, you might as well go real naked barefoot. Less chance of injury.
    You have been walking almost barefoot and April is a long long time away. You can train and get your feet stronger.
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    The farthest that I have walked in one day was 20 miles in hilly terrain at Mohican State Park in southern Ohio with my VFF. I used all of the water in my camelbak. And ate all of the apples, enjoy life trail mix, beef sticks and larabars that I had packed. By the time I was finished with this hike I was starving, and a 14oz steak was calling my name. I second the change of shoes. You will definately want your feet to dry out at some point to prevent injury. Good Luck!!!!

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