I'm Sadiya and I'm 24yrs old. I was diagnosed with a flat foot when I was 11 and recommended by my doctor to wear shoes with an arch support. However, an X-Ray determined that the right navicular bone of my left foot had extended.
Couple of years ago I was diagnosed with a Sinuvitis in my right knee. I followed physiotherapy n yet I have difficulties in folding my knee. A year later I had Bell's Palsy for which I was advised steroids, that increased my weight leading to more pain in my right knee as well as my left foot.
Another doctor suggested that I have weak muscles and bones and due to the increase in weight, I was having pain mainly as I have a teaching job requiring me to stand for longer periods of time.
I have been following the physiotherapy religiously due to which my knee has been quite stable (albeit I have slight difficulties in folding). But my left foot has a dreadful pain every other time I do even a little physical activity. It's totally making my health miserable. The doc has asked me to spend time on a tread mill at least 30 minutes per day for a brisk walk. But unfortunately I'm unable to do so due to the pain. I follow a normal diet. Nothing heavy or light.. Just moderation of everything.
I weigh 142 pounds and I need to lose at least 20 pounds ASAP. What do I do?

Please help...