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Thread: What methods do you use to become happy?

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    Aug 2011

    What methods do you use to become happy?

    Will probably be depressed-ish for the next few months. Due to weather and personal issues. Suggestions on what I could do to get some happiness in?

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    Dec 2011
    I go hang out with my horse for a few hours. She is a ham. She makes the best faces, plays in her water, snuggles, begs, gets into stuff. She never fails to make me laugh and laugh. Pets and animals can be seriously amusing for me. Even just watching a field of goats cracks me up.
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    Change your perspective.............think about all the good in your life instead of the negative. Help someone else and you'd be surprised how it helps you in the process! : )
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    i think i'm going to be doing a good bit of yoga during our few cold winter times. I discovered Vinyasa (sp?) by lucky accident when a friend notified me of a groupon. It was awesome and i don't know how else i would have gotten thru the time during our condo remodel when we had to put all the bikes in storage.

    now i found another place (w/ another groupon) that does hot yoga & it is interesting.

    anyway - bottom line - i think it's good to mix my routine of biking and jogging w/ a little bit of yoga and i really do think it helps my outlook too. Calms my brain. I really like it.

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    Sometimes fake it 'til you make it works.

    The body responds in some overt ways to sadness. Hunched shoulders, frowning, a lackluster walking gait. Sometimes if you reverse the physical response to sadness, you can make yourself feel better. So, pull back those shoulders, slap a smile on your face, and walk like you have somewhere wonderful to be. People think I'm crazy, but it works for me.

    Now longterm hardship is a different story, and the above suggestions are great for that. Also, get some sun. More than usual. One thing I like is liquid Vit D. It makes me feel like I'm taking teaspoons of liquid sunshine. They have those lamps also; maybe they would help?

    If all else fails, get bitchy, which feels a tad better than sad. Just remember that no matter how bad things are, some poor son of a bitch has it worse.

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    I can't suggest anything for the long term, but faking it really works. During conversations, smile, laugh, act cheerful. It will boost your mood for the short term, if only artificially.
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    + 1 for pets and faking it. both are also great for releasing oxytocin, which can have an opposite effective to cortisol.

    i can get a little glum in the winter months too. a couple years ago i tried taking up temporary hobbies to see if they would stick or not. it's a great way to try something new and stay focused. make some clothes for yourself, learn a language, card tricks...find something that makes you interested.

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    Positive self talk works wonders. Get up every morning and tell yourself it is going to be a great day, when people ask you how you are doing, tell them great or fantastic or wonderful. I did this about a year ago, and it really helped my mood. Vitamin D3 supplimentation helps too, especially if you aren't getting enough sun.

    Taking up a hobby, or do something for just you...
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    Yoga is very calming and centering.

    Immerse yourself in any creative projects that take you out of yourself ... where you lose all sense of time passing.

    Give less time to neg-heads who enjoy putting you down and those who take far more emotionally than they give. Remember - they need you far more than you need them, and you're not a charity.

    Commune with nature more.

    Try to develop a better awareness of any leisure activities and interests that you find fulfilling and make time to do more of them, e.g. spending more time with a friend or pet, watching films, reading, gardening, visiting museums and art galleries. Whatever lifts your mood and spirit. Try to recognise what you are doing through habit/having become stuck in a rut, and cut down or cut out completely those activities, as appropriate. One can feel especially positive about achieving that.

    Use mostly candlelight after dark. Go with the seasons rather than attempting to fight them. But make extra effort to get out into the sunshine when you can, especially during the morning.

    Learn to recognise when you're being hard on yourself - and stop doing that! Sometimes being selfish is necessary and will enable you to do more for others in the long run. Focus your time and effort only on those who are truly in need of it.

    Foodwise, oily fish, vitamin D, green tea and a wide variety of fresh vegetables.
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    Recently, learning to play ukulele has been putting a lot of smiles on my face.

    In general, planning out some sort of project on paper then building it with my hands is very satisfying and makes me happier. Most recently I've made myself a hammock stand (wood) and a reading stand for books and my iPad (cardboard; now I'm designing a fold-up plywood version). Last few years I've made things like wool/leather knee-height moccasins for wintertime (came out extremely ugly but very comfy) and a backpack for my dog. I just like to tinker and learn how to make things.

    Also, spending time with my wife, family and friends. And reading. Lots of reading.

    The main obstacle to my general health and happiness these days seems to be full-time employment. Fortunately we have escape plans in place and should soon be free.
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